Man flying business class on company trip shares seat with wife and daughter in rotation


27th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong netizen revealed on social media recently on how he shared business class experience with his wife and daughter with a single business class ticket.

He pointed out that he was able to fly in business class as it was paid by his company. He also took his wife and daughter with him, and he didn’t want to spend on two extra business class tickets so he exchanged his air miles for two economy class tickets.

Since the destination is relatively far and a long-distance flight is required, in order to “sit comfortably” for his wife and daughter, the Hong Kong netizen created his own “shift” so that each of them can rest in the business class seat after several hors.

Some netizens criticised the man for being outrageous and frugal but others think it’s not a problem as there is no additional service required from the cabin crew members on board.