Man caught red-handed for allegedly filming a female passenger’s legs at MTR Central Station


30th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A video was circulated yesterday on social media platforms in Hong Kong showing a man wearing glasses being accused of filming legs of a female passenger in MTR Central Station. In the video, the man was confronted by a group of passengers, including the victim, who demanded that he delete the footage.

According to MTR reports, the incident took place on 27th March at around 8.15pm at the Central MTR station. A female passenger reported to a station staff member that she had been filmed by a man. The staff member then called the police, who arrived shortly after to handle the situation.

The man being confronted and forced to delete the footage.

In the video, the victim can be heard asking the man to delete the footage he had taken of her. However, the man denied taking any footage and refused to comply with her request. Other passengers then intervened, preventing the man from leaving the scene until the police arrived.

After investigation, the station staff issued a warning notice to the man for violating the Hong Kong Railway Bylaw. The incident was also recorded for future reference.

The video quickly went viral on social media platforms in Hong Kong, sparking a heated discussion about the issue of privacy and safety in public spaces. Many netizens criticized the man for his alleged behavior, while some also expressed concern over the victim’s request to delete the footage.

Some argued that the man should not be given the opportunity to delete the evidence, while others pointed out that deleting the footage could prevent it from being used as evidence against him in a court of law. This raised questions about the legal and ethical implications of deleting such evidence.

In response to the incident, MTR confirmed that on 27th March at around 8.15pm, a station staff member at Central Station received a report from a female passenger claiming that a man had secretly filmed her legs. The staff member immediately reported the incident to the police, and upon their arrival, the staff member issued a warning notice to the man for violating the Hong Kong Railway Bylaw, which was recorded as an official record. MTR Corporation has always been committed to providing a comfortable travelling environment for its passengers, and it encourages passengers to be considerate of others and not engage in behaviour that could potentially disturb others. If any passengers feel harassed or uncomfortable, they are urged to report the incident to station staff, who will take appropriate actions.