Man attempts to strangle taxi driver during journey to airport from Ngau Tau Kok to airport, 2 injuries reported


21st May 2022 – (Hong Kong) A 4am today, a taxi driver s(49 years old) took a male passenger surnamed Lam (79 years old) to the airport from Choi Tak Shopping Centre in Ngau Tau Kok. During the journey, Lam said that he wanted to return home to pick up some stuff. However, Lam suddenly used a wire to strangle the taxi driver while he struggled to resist.

During the commotion, Lam lost his balance and fell out of the car. The driver then took the opportunity to call the police. Upon hearing the news, the police rushed to the scene, quickly captured Lam, and seized a knife in a bag he was carrying. Lam was later arrested and he reported that he suffered a head injury and was sent to the hospital together with the taxi driver.