Man assaults manager at McDonald’s in Tuen Mun after being told to wear mask (Updated)


15th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) The government announced on 13th the tightening of anti-epidemic measures in public places, and there was a criminal damage and assault caused as a result of a dispute over mask in Tuen Mun. At 3am yesterday (14th), a man and his girlfriend, both without masks went to a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant in Shan King Commercial Centre to buy food. The 29-year-old male manager on duty persuaded the two to put on masks for the sake of other customer safety in view of the severe epidemic situation in Hong Kong.

Unexpectedly, the man immediately yelled at the manager. When he saw the manager pick up his phone, he immediately became more aggressive. He damaged the screen of the ordering machine in front of the cash register and entered behind the counter to assault the manager. He fell to the ground while the other staff quickly came forward to stop the fight but were threatened by the assailant.

Later, the suspect and his girlfriend left the fast-food restaurant and fled in a truck. When the police received the report, the manager was sent to the hospital for treatment by an ambulance. After a preliminary investigation, the police listed the case as criminal damage and assault. The criminal investigation team of the Tuen Mun Police District followed up to hunt for the suspect who was about 1.8 meters tall, wearing black shirt and white shoes during the crime.

With regards to the restaurant employee who was assaulted when he reminded customers to wear masks, McDonald’s in Hong Kong said that they did not want similar incidents to happen again. They also attached great importance to the health and safety of customers and employees and would continue to comply with the government’s anti-epidemic measures, including temporarily not receiving customers with fever and without masks.

Police subsequently arrested the 27-year-old suspect who is the owner of a small truck.