Man assaulted by 4 individuals under the watchful eyes of bus passengers at cross border shuttle bus terminus at Huanggang Control Point


22nd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A video circulating online on 21st March depicts a violent altercation at the cross border shuttle bus terminus at Huanggang Control Point, where a group of four men physically assaulted a blonde-haired male. The approximately 25-second video, filmed at night from inside the bus, shows the initial calm atmosphere suddenly turn chaotic as the four men surround the victim and proceed to physically attack him.

Despite the presence of a woman attempting to intervene, the attackers continued to rain blows upon the victim, who made attempts to fight back but was ultimately overwhelmed. Eventually, another man intervened and shielded the victim from further harm, effectively diffusing the situation and separating the two groups. The video has sparked significant discussion online, with some commenters decrying the attackers’ lack of martial arts etiquette and others condemning the use of violence altogether.