Man arrested for disorderly conduct after quarrel with police offers during issuance of traffic summons


18th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 10.24pm on 15th March, during a roadside check near the MTR Nam Cheong Station, police officers had an altercation with a male driver surnamed Chao (aged 44). It is alleged that Chao was shouting loudly during the incident and was ultimately arrested on suspicion of “disorderly conduct in a public place.” He was taken away for questioning by personnel on the scene. Footage of the incident was captured by a passerby and circulated online.

In the video, the arrested man claimed that the officers prevented him from continuing to park his car, despite his parking meter still having time left. As a result, the meter expired, and he was issued with a traffic summons. The officers’ actions angered the man, who questioned them about why they stopped him, but they responded in a robotic manner, asking him to remain calm.

During the altercation, a female friend of Chao also joined in and accused the officers of not allowing the driver to park. This led to several bystanders gathering to watch the incident. Eventually, Chao was handcuffed and taken away. One of the officers present at the scene allegedly commented, “Let’s talk about this back at the station,” and added, “Hong Kong is very civilised.” These comments caused an uproar among onlookers, with the arrested man mocking the officer’s statement by sarcastically saying, “Yes, very civilised ticketing.”