Man arrested for abandoning pet cat for around 2 weeks in Fan Ling


18th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) A man abandoned his pet cat in a rental unit for two weeks and was arrested for cruel treatment of animals. A female landlord (51 years old) had lost contact with a male tenant of her unit surnamed Lai (33 years old) for two weeks, so she went to the tenement unit on Luen Cheong Street, Fanling to find out the situation on the evening of last Monday (11th).

However, when the landlord arrived outside the unit, she noticed an odour and heard a cat making noise in the unit. She suspected that it was being treated inappropriately, so she called the police for help. The police and firefighters arrived at the scene and broke into the unit. They found a thin white cat with symptoms of dehydration. It was taken away by SPCA for inspection and treatment. The police further inspected the unit and found that the sanitary condition at the scene was poor and there was no sufficient water and food. After in-depth investigation, police successfully located the male tenant and arrested him in Sham Shui Po District.