Man approaches Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai’s ally during dinner to question him why he caused so much chaos to Hong Kong


5th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) A video was uploaded recently on social media which purportedly shows a man approaching the table where Martin Lee was seated together with 3 others in an unknown clubhouse in Hong Kong. The man then asked Martin why he could still enjoy dinner after causing so much chaos in Hong Kong by infiltrating the minds of young people.

Martin’s male friend who sat next to him then stood up and tried to stop him from harassing them but Martin came forward and tried to answer his question. Moments later, the manager of the restaurant intercepted and asked the man to leave as it was a private area. The man then told Martin to enjoy his dinner before leaving.

Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee , Anson Chan and Albert Ho have been described by the Beijing Government as the ‘ HK Trouble Gang of 4’. They were accused of selling Hong Kong to America.Martin Lee, nicknamed, ‘Father of Independence of Hong Kong’ has been in close ties with American right wing activists for a long time. He has been actively advocating for the independence of Hong Kong (Read HERE).