Malaysian woman held captive in Cambodia rescued after asking for help on Facebook page of the Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister, 5 Chinese suspects arrested

Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng 

26th August 2022 – (Phnom Penh) Employment fraud in Southeast Asian countries is getting rampant. Many Hong Kong residents are still stranded in Cambodia and Thailand after being scammed to work in the local area.

A Malaysian woman was allegedly kidnapped and extorted more than tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars in Cambodia. In a desperate situation, she asked for help on the Facebook page of the Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng  and said that she was being held captive in Preah Sihanouk.

The five arrested Chinese men. Picture creditL Jian Hua Daily

Five Chinese men were later arrested on the spot. However, according to “Jian Hua Daily”, the source revealed the case only after reporting to the Deputy Prime Minister’s working group over the phone. The police chief of Sihanoukville Province, revealed that after receiving the instructions from Sar Kheng , the police launched an investigation overnight, and arrested five Chinese men on 23rd August. The victim was then rescued. The victim claimed that she was kidnapped and extorted by a group of Chinese people on the 7th of this month. She was forced to remit US$7,000 to a designated bank account. After paying the money, she was then ‘sold’ to another company. During the period, she lost a total of US$90,000 and two mobile phones. She asked the police to help recover all her lost valuables and help her return to Malaysia.