Malaysian woman forced to eat canned sardines filled with worms while waiting for payday at month’s end


29th May 2023 – (Kuala Lumpur) A Malaysian mother’s disturbing video of a can of sardines filled with worms has gone viral, sparking outrage and concern among netizens.

According to the video uploaded by user @Chef Tido, the mother claims that she and her family were forced to rely on canned sardines to survive while waiting for their payday. However, they were unlucky enough to purchase a can that was crawling with worms!

She explained that due to a lack of alternative food options, they had to painstakingly pick out the worms one by one before consuming the sardines with their family.

As reported by the news outlet “mStar,” the mother was shocked to discover that “little things” were wriggling inside the pot while cooking the sardines. Upon closer inspection, she realized that they were worms. “It was the end of the month, and we could only afford canned sardines. Then these unidentified things appeared. Were they worms?” she recounted.

She expressed her disappointment that the canned sardine company had failed to ensure food safety and hygiene, especially considering that she had no extra money to buy fresh ingredients.

The mother’s experience serves as a reminder to the public to thoroughly inspect canned food before consuming it. It also highlights the importance of food safety and the responsibility of companies to maintain high standards.

The video has sparked a heated discussion among netizens, with some sharing similar experiences and expressing their fear of consuming canned sardines. Many believe that the worms found in the mother’s can of sardines were likely nematodes, a type of parasitic worm that can infect fish.