Malaysian store owner seeks help after a Muslim family of five executes a 7-second theft


15th April 2024 – (Kuantan) A store owner in a Malaysian shopping mall recently took to Facebook to share CCTV footage and screenshots revealing a brazen act of theft committed by a family of five. The entire incident, characterized by seamless coordination, lasted a mere seven seconds, demonstrating their exceptional skill in executing the crime. Frustrated by their refusal to come forward and make payment, the store owner has decided to seek assistance from the police.

The video footage, which has shocked online viewers, shows the family members collaborating to carry out the theft inside the store, prompting strong condemnation from netizens. Many expressed their disbelief and emphasized the need to combat such outrageous behaviour, as it poses a threat to the business community. Comments such as “We must resist such despicable acts at all costs, or else how can we continue doing business?” and “Engaging in such activities will only lead to a downfall! They must face severe consequences!” flooded the comment section.

According to reports from various Malaysian media outlets, the incident occurred at a gaming store in the East Coast Mall in Kuantan. The store owner, last Wednesday, on 10th April, shared CCTV footage and screenshots on Facebook, alleging that at around 6.35pm on that same day, a man with long hair and his family members were caught stealing merchandise from the store. The owner took to the internet to call upon the family to return to the store and settle the payment before further action would be taken.

The two video clips uploaded by the store owner depict a man dressed in white Malay attire accompanied by four family members, including three minors and a woman. In one of the clips, two teenagers approach a shelf, with one of them removing a gaming console controller from the display. The man with long hair joins them, and after receiving the controller, he conceals it by hanging a white cloth skirt on his wrist. The family then leaves the store without attracting attention.

The second clip shows one of the teenagers lingering near the shelf, prompting the man with long hair and the woman to approach. With the teenager and the woman acting as lookouts, the man swiftly takes a boxed gaming steering wheel from the shelf before swiftly leaving the scene. The entire theft process is completed in just seven seconds. The man with long hair, the woman, and the teenager then separate and leave the store discreetly.