Malaysian celebrity Queenzy Cheng passes away at 37

    Queenzy Cheng

    29th November 2023 – (Kuala Lumpur) Queenzy Cheng, a Malaysian artiste and former member of girl group M-Girls, has tragically passed away at the age of 37. The news of her untimely demise was announced through a statement posted on Cheng’s Facebook and Instagram pages on Tuesday.

    According to a report by China Press, Cheng suffered from a brain aneurysm. The circumstances surrounding her passing were revealed by fellow artiste Chai Zi, who was present at the time. Chai Zi disclosed that Cheng collapsed while filming for the social media channel Squad Sekawan. They had begun filming in Damansara after breakfast, and Cheng appeared to be in good health. However, while preparing for the second episode around 10.30am, Cheng complained of dizziness, nausea, and a headache.

    Chai Zi, who co-founded Squad Sekawan with Cheng and a few other friends, shared that the staff on set immediately called for an ambulance when Cheng vomited. Cheng, still conscious at the time, provided her mobile phone passcode to the staff so they could contact her boyfriend for her medical records. Despite the efforts of the staff members with first aid knowledge, Cheng lost consciousness and her heart started beating rapidly. Shortly after, her lips, hands, and feet turned purple.

    An ambulance arrived within five minutes, but despite the attempts to revive her, Cheng could not be saved and was pronounced dead. Sin Chew Daily reported that her funeral will be held on Saturday, 2nd December.

    Cheng’s passing has deeply saddened the local entertainment industry, with many celebrities expressing their condolences on social media. Former M-Girls members Crystal Ong and Angeline Khoo shared their grief on Instagram. Khoo even posted a photo of herself travelling to Cheng’s hometown in Perlis to pay her final respects. Singers Nick Chung and Mandy Chen paid tribute to Cheng by reminiscing about the cherished moments they spent together. Actress Joey Leong also expressed her sorrow, recalling Cheng’s talkative nature, infectious smile, and kindness.