Mainlander outraged after spending HK$210 on two boiled eggs at Rosewood Hong Kong


23rd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a recent social media post on Xiaohongshu, a mainland Chinese woman expressed her shock at the exorbitant prices of dining in Hong Kong. She revealed that she had spent a staggering HK$210 on just two boiled eggs during her visit, sparking a heated discussion among netizens.

The post highlighted the woman’s intention to have a simple breakfast during her trip to Hong Kong. However, she was taken aback when she discovered that the two boiled eggs alone cost her HK$210. Furthermore, a bowl of congee accompanied by the eggs amounted to a total of £440, including service charges. The prices seemed astronomical to her, leading her to express her astonishment at the cost of living in Hong Kong.

The woman had assumed that ordering a breakfast item wouldn’t require her to check the prices beforehand. In a comment, she mentioned, “I have a limited range of breakfast preferences, and congee with eggs is a common option available at every hotel. So, I didn’t think I needed to look at the menu.” However, upon inspection of the receipt she posted, it was revealed that she had dined at Rosewood Hong Kong, a luxury hotel located in Tsim Sha Tsui. Considering the upscale nature of the hotel and the emphasis on the dining experience and service, many netizens believed that the charges were reasonable. In response, the woman defended herself, stating, “It’s not that I can’t afford it; I just feel it’s not worth the price. Those attacking me probably have it tough too.”

The incident sparked a lively discussion among netizens, with opinions divided. Many argued that HK$210 for two boiled eggs was unreasonable, commenting, “This is incredibly expensive even in a 5-star hotel in the U.K.” and “HK$210 for two eggs would be considered extremely expensive anywhere in the world.” However, some defended the pricing, stating that HK$440 for breakfast at a high-end hotel was already reasonable, considering factors such as labour and service costs. They commented, “The cost is mainly attributed to labour and service. For example, the cost of tofu is low, but having tofu pudding at a hotel won’t necessarily be cheap” and “This level of pricing has always been the norm for such hotels. Haven’t you stayed in one before? If you keep staying, you should be aware of the prices.”

Sharp-eyed netizens also noticed that the menu listed the eggs as “Two Eggs Any Style,” implying that customers had the option to choose other cooking methods. If they had opted for Eggs Benedict, the price would have been more justifiable. As one commenter pointed out, “If it was Eggs Benedict at Rosewood Hong Kong for HK$210, it might make more sense.”