Mainland tourists advised to avoid these 10 Hong Kong attractions: Insights from Chinese netizens

New Praya in Kennedy Town.

3rd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent discussion on Xiaohongshu, a popular Chinese social media platform, there were numerous posts titled “Places in Hong Kong to Avoid.” These posts listed various locations that were deemed unworthy or potentially disappointing for tourists visiting Hong Kong. Some of these places were even considered popular tourist attractions. Let’s take a look at the destinations that were mentioned as ones to avoid or not worth visiting.

  1. Chungking Mansions: Located on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Chungking Mansions is known for attracting people from various Asian and African countries. Chinese netizens believe that the complex is populated by a diverse community, but it suffers from poor security and a relatively high crime rate. Incidents of crime or theft are reported to occur frequently in the area.
  2. Golden Bauhinia Square: Although Golden Bauhinia Square is a gathering spot for many Mainland Chinese tourists, some netizens pointed out that it is merely a landmark and not worth spending extra time for photo opportunities. They mentioned that there isn’t much to see or do in the vicinity, and the nearest attractions require travelling a considerable distance.
  3. Temple Street: Chinese netizens expressed that Temple Street, often referred to as a night market, has a chaotic and cluttered environment. They noted that the number of stalls is limited, and the vendors’ attitudes are not particularly friendly. The street is narrow, dimly lit, and often frequented by women wearing revealing clothing and men with rough demeanour. There are also foreigners with peculiar attire. Mainland visitors are advised not to engage in conversations with strangers and to take precautions to protect their personal belongings while visiting Temple Street.
  4. Sham Shui Po: Netizens compared Sham Shui Po to the urban villages of Shenzhen, describing the area as filled with older, disorganized buildings and even a red-light district. Although Sham Shui Po is a good place to buy electronic products, there is a risk of being scammed for non-locals or inexperienced buyers.
  5. Goldfish Street: Chinese netizens perceive Goldfish Street as a “street of pets,” but they mentioned that there are not many actual goldfish shops there. While aesthetically pleasing photos taken inside the goldfish shops can be found online, it is emphasized that taking photos inside the shops is generally not allowed unless the shop owner grants permission.
  6. Sai Wan Swimming Shed in Kennedy Town: The Sai Wan Swimming Shed in Kennedy Town is considered difficult to locate, and it is often crowded with people queuing for photographs. The weather is also a crucial factor in achieving desirable photo results. Some Chinese netizens expressed concerns about the safety of the shed, noting that it is merely a bamboo structure with potentially unsafe handrails.
  7. Repulse Bay: Repulse Bay is a small bay located quite far from the city centre. While it is suitable for local residents to relax and enjoy leisure activities, it is not recommended as the top choice for tourists seeking a seaside experience.
  8. Duddell Street in Central: Although Duddell Street has been featured in many movies and carries a sense of nostalgia for Hong Kong cinema, some Chinese netizens commented that it is merely a staircase without any significant features or attractions.
  9. New Praya in Kennedy Town: Despite the abundance of Instagrammable photos taken at New Praya in Kennedy Town, Chinese netizens pointed out that the reality of the area is quite different. They mentioned that the constant flow of trucks and the narrow streets make it challenging to capture good pictures. Police are present regularly to issue summonses to visitors who violate the law.
  10. Madame Tussauds Hong Kong: Chinese netizens believe that Madame Tussauds Hong Kong offers a low value-for-money experience and has a somewhat outdated feel. Since many cities also have their own Madame Tussauds museums, they see no need to specifically visit the one in Hong Kong.
Duddell Street.
Sai Wan Swimming Shed in Kennedy Town
New Praya in Kennedy Town