Mainland tourist praises Hong Kong people’s kindness as nearby commuters help clean up spilt milk tea incident on MTR train


23rd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A mainland Chinese tourist recently shared her heartwarming experience in Hong Kong on the popular social media platform, Xiaohongshu, titled “Hong Kong People Are Really Kind.” In her post, she expressed her admiration for the kindness and helpfulness of Hong Kong locals during her visit.

The tourist described an incident that took place while she was travelling on the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) with a cup of milk tea in her hand. Unable to find a seat, she sat on the floor with her backpack. Her friend then pointed out an empty seat nearby and advised her to take it. However, in her attempt to get up, she accidentally spilt her milk tea as the train started moving.

Feeling embarrassed, she asked her friend for tissues to clean up the mess. To her surprise, a fellow passenger, whom she referred to as a “big brother,” overheard her conversation and kindly offered her a packet of tissues. Grateful for the assistance, she began wiping the spilt milk tea from the train floor. At that moment, another passenger, whom she called a “big sister,” noticed her struggling with the garbage and generously provided her with a plastic bag to dispose of the wet and soiled cup.

The tourist was deeply moved by the immediate help and support she received from the Hong Kong commuters. She expressed her gratitude on Xiaohongshu, emphasising that these acts of kindness had a profound impact on her overall impression of Hong Kong and its people. She admitted that prior to her visit, she had come across numerous negative comments online about Hong Kongers, which had left her sceptical. However, her personal experience shattered those preconceptions, as she encountered patient and helpful individuals in various situations, including asking for directions and interacting with local drivers, despite the language barrier.

The heartwarming encounter left a lasting impression on the tourist, who concluded her post with emotive words: “Wuwuwu, I must come back next time!”

Her post on Xiaohongshu quickly gained attention and resonated with many readers. It serves as a reminder of the power of small acts of kindness and the positive impact they have on visitors’ perceptions of a city and its people.