Mainland tourist falls victim to HK taxi scam, expresses anger over HK$1300 loss from purchasing counterfeit Apple products


21st May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A mainland Chinese tourist took to the popular social media platform “Xiaohongshu” to share his unfortunate experience of being scammed by a taxi driver in Hong Kong. The tourist revealed that during his visit to Hong Kong, he and his friend hailed a taxi in Tsim Sha Tsui. To their surprise, they discovered an unopened bag containing an “iWatch Ultra”, “AirPods Pro,” and “MagSafe” on the back seat. Curious about the owner, they handed the bag to the taxi driver.

According to the tourist, the driver informed them that two mainland tourists, who had just finished shopping in Central and were rushing to catch a train back to mainland China, had left the bag behind. Seeing no use for the items himself, the driver asked if they were interested in purchasing them at a discounted price, mentioning that the two tourists had paid their taxi fare in cash and had left in a hurry, probably unable to be located.

Caught in the moment, the tourist’s friend succumbed to temptation and decided to buy the three items from the driver for a sum of 1,200 Chinese yuan (approximately HK$1,300). However, their excitement quickly turned to disappointment when they discovered that all the products were counterfeit replicas upon opening the package.

Realising the gravity of the situation, the tourist expressed his concern for fellow travellers, advising them to exercise caution and learn from his friend’s experience as a lesson when visiting Hong Kong. He also expressed his frustration, remarking, “It seems that Hong Kong’s economy is in such dire straits that even taxi drivers have resorted to scams.”

The post on Xiaohongshu garnered significant attention and triggered a heated discussion among netizens. Many condemned the taxi driver’s unethical behaviour, describing it as an outrageous act by a “dishonest taxi driver.” Others emphasised the importance of avoiding greed, cautioning against the allure of cheap deals and recommending that found items be handed over to the authorities for proper handling.