Mainland tourist deceived by Hong Kong taxi driver, receives HK$100 short change


17th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A recent incident involving a mainland Chinese tourist and an unscrupulous taxi driver has sparked controversy and complaints on social media. The tourist shared her unfortunate experience on the popular platform Xiaohongshu, detailing how she was deceived and shortchanged during her trip from Tsim Sha Tsui to the Futian Port for her return to Shenzhen.

The tourist’s ordeal began when she took a taxi late at night to reach the port. As she approached her destination, the driver informed her that taxis were not allowed to enter the Luo Ma Zhou control station until after 11pm. Instead, he instructed her to transfer to the KMB Bus route 17 at a nearby bus stop. Believing that she had ample time before the 10.30pm closing of the Futian Port, the tourist agreed and asked the driver to take her there.

Upon reaching the Futian Port, it was almost 10:30 PM, and the tourist hurriedly paid the fare of HKD$500 and quickly disembarked to rush towards the immigration building. Amid the chaos and urgency of the situation, with staff members urging her to hurry as she was the last passenger, the tourist suddenly noticed that the driver had given her HK$75 less in change. She realised that he had cunningly shortchanged her by HK$100.

Frustrated and disappointed, the tourist shared her story on Xiaohongshu under the title “Can I Get My Money Back If a Hong Kong Taxi Shortchanges Me?” She posted a photo of the receipt, explaining that the original fare was HK$324.4, including an additional charge of HKD 58. After paying with her only banknote, a HK$500 bill, the driver only returned HK$75, intentionally taking advantage of the confusion to pocket HK$100. She vividly recalled, “I didn’t even receive a single red banknote from him.”

The tourist promptly filed a complaint with the taxi company’s hotline but expressed frustration over the lack of payment records as evidence. In her post, she criticized the “dark side of Hong Kong’s taxi industry” and called the incident “outrageous.” She also stated that she would opt for alternative transportation on future visits to Hong Kong.

After the post went viral, the majority of netizens commented that without substantial evidence, it would be challenging to prove that the driver intentionally shortchanged her. Some suggested that in any situation involving receiving change, it is crucial to count the money carefully. They concluded that this unfortunate experience should serve as a lesson to be more cautious in the future.