Mainland spokesperson asserts PLA drills as firm response to Taiwan’s provocations and external interference

Chen Binhua

23rd May 2024 – (Beijing) Chen Binhua, spokesperson for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, emphasized that the ongoing military exercises conducted by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) around Taiwan Island serve as a resolute punishment for the provocative remarks made by the leader of the Taiwan region. Furthermore, he highlighted that these drills also function as a stern warning to external forces that support “Taiwan independence” and meddle in China’s internal affairs. Chen stated that these actions are a just measure taken to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The spokesperson made it clear that the mainland will not tolerate any activities seeking “Taiwan independence” and will leave no room for such endeavours. He emphasized that if the separatists persist in their reckless actions, resolute measures will be taken to crush their attempts and safeguard the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Chen emphasised that these countermeasures solely target separatist activities and external interference, rather than the compatriots of Taiwan. He called upon Taiwanese compatriots to firmly stand on the right side of history, embodying the values of upright Chinese citizens who can distinguish right from wrong and act with righteousness. He urged them to join hands with their mainland counterparts in opposing “Taiwan independence” and external interference, uniting to safeguard the common homeland of the Chinese nation.