Mainland pianist Yundi Li engages the same prostitute before and each transaction costs 10,000 yuan


    22nd October 2021 – (Beijing) Mainland pianist Yundi Li was arrested for engaging a prostitute’s service. Both the prostitute and him were under administrative detention by Beijing Chaoyang police. The Chinese Musicians Association issued a statement afterwards, stating that the incident had had “extremely bad social impact” and decided to cancel Li Yundi’s membership.

    On the other hand, there are claims that Li had previous cases and that he spent a lot of money each time to settle. The police conducted an investigation after receiving reports from the public and arrested Li Yundi and the prostitute.

    Mainland netizens who claimed to be informed said that the police found that Li Yundi often engaged the same prostitute at a fixed time, so police even found out the WeChat transaction records of Li Yundi and the prostitute named Chen. Mainland netizens stated that the police first found a prostitution establishment in a community near Sanlitun, Beijing, and Chen confessed to prostitution. The police then used Chen’s cell phone to further track down the clientele, so they found Li Yundi who was eventually arrested on the spot when Li Yundi flew back to Beijing.

    A mainland netizen also revealed that Yundi Li used real-name transfers for payment and he paid 10,000 yuan per transaction. In addition, the mainland media said that it was not the first time that Yundi Li was arrested for prostitution. He was first arrested during the first half of this year, but the incident was played down.