Mainland netizen encounters Bosco Wong in Hong Kong, shares photo on social media

    Bosco Wong

    21st April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Yesterday (20th), a Mainland netizen had a chance encounter with Bosco Wong during her visit to Hong Kong and shared a photo of the two on social media.

    In a post, the netizen wrote, “Today, while at a restaurant, I unexpectedly bumped into Bosco in person. I can’t believe it!” She explained that she was sitting in a position facing the private room door when she suddenly saw a guy wearing a black T-shirt and a hat entering. She had a strong intuition that it was Bosco Wong. Eventually, she patiently waited for him to come out and approached him to request a photo together. Bosco readily agreed without hesitation and asked the restaurant manager to take their picture. The blogger expressed, “I was so excited that I didn’t forget to thank him. He was really gentle when he said there was no need for thanks.” In the photo, Bosco Wong still looked handsome, but due to the angle of the picture, he appeared slightly shorter, creating a significant disparity compared to the attractive photos he often posts on social media.