Mainland Chinese woman shares insights on interacting with Hong Kongers


23rd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A mainland Chinese woman working in Hong Kong shared her observations and experiences of interacting with the local population. She summarised three unspoken rules for getting along with Hong Kong people, highlighting the perceived aloofness and aversion to small talk among them. Some mainland internet users expressed agreement, stating that Hong Kong is indeed a more repressive city.

The woman, known as “Hong Kong Mandy,” recently took to the platform Xiaohongshu to discuss the “unspoken rules of getting along with Hong Kong people” based on her own experiences working in the city. She described feeling that Hong Kong people were generally cold and distant.

She identified three key rules for making friends or socialising with Hong Kongers, cautioning mainland Chinese individuals to be mindful of them. First, she noted that Hong Kong people dislike being called by their full Chinese names and become wary when addressed in such a manner. Among Hong Kong friends, it is common to use English names or nicknames, and even after knowing someone for many years, they may not be aware of each other’s Chinese names.

Secondly, she observed that conversations in the workplace rarely touch upon personal matters. While colleagues may discuss their hobbies, discussions about private information such as salaries, housing situations, or living arrangements are rare. After work, there is minimal socializing, possibly due to everyone being busy with their own lives, without making an effort to maintain close relationships with colleagues.

Lastly, she mentioned that Hong Kong people, similar to Cantonese people, are discreet about their wealth. She advised being cautious of individuals who frequently boast about their connections or claim to effortlessly make money. Such individuals may have ulterior motives and be interested in your financial resources.