Mainland Chinese woman orders Yoshinoya takeout in HK, amused to find raw ingredients


16th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A mainland Chinese woman shared her story on Xiaohongshu where she detailed her bewildering experience with a takeaway order from a Yoshinoya restaurant in Hong Kong. With expectations of a ready-to-eat meal, she strolled to a nearby park only to discover upon unpacking that her takeaway consisted of entirely raw ingredients.

Perplexed by the raw state of her meal, she queried the community, “Is it customary for Hong Kong restaurants to pack meals raw, or is it just this establishment?” Her post included photographs of the uncooked items: a foil bowl of greens, plates of raw beef and chicken, a packet of udon noodles, a bag of assorted seafood, and a small container of sesame sauce.

The response from netizens was swift and humorous as they identified the meal as a hotpot set from Yoshinoya, meant to be cooked at home rather than a ready-to-eat dish. The revelation came as a surprise to the woman, who had assumed the restaurant only served ready-to-eat bowl meals, like those she had observed others enjoying.

The mix-up was not an error on the restaurant’s part, nor a unique aspect of Hong Kong’s dining culture, but rather a simple case of the customer ordering the wrong item. Netizens joked about the situation, one commenting, “This takeaway can only be ‘raw’ for you since it’s meant for a hotpot!”

The lighthearted incident provided a dose of humour and a reminder of the diverse food offerings available in Hong Kong, from instant bowl meals to cook-at-home hotpot kits. It also highlighted the importance of clear communication and understanding in the food service industry, especially in a city renowned for its culinary delights and cultural melting pot.