Mainland Chinese woman laments difficulty finding restrooms in Hong Kong


30th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Mainland woman working in Hong Kong took to Xiaohongshu to express her frustration with Hong Kong’s peculiar toilet culture, which makes it difficult to locate restrooms. She went on to recommend two lifesaving toilet apps for her fellow countrymen visiting Hong Kong and exclaimed, “Finally, I can freely drink water outdoors in Hong Kong.”

The Chinese mainland woman, who claims to have been residing in Hong Kong in recent years, posted on Xiaohongshu under the title “When Nature Calls, Hong Kong Toilets Don’t Allow You to Hurry.” She shared her dismay with the strange toilet culture in Hong Kong, emphasizing the difficulty she faced in finding restrooms.

According to her account, during a weekend shopping trip on Hong Kong Island, she suddenly felt the urge to use the restroom. After walking down an entire street, she finally found a restroom but was surprised to find the door locked. It was only then that she noticed a sign posted outside, indicating that the restroom only opened at 10:30 a.m.

She later shared this incident with a friend, who recommended two free toilet apps: “Toilet Buddy” and “Toilet Rush.” These apps facilitate the search for restroom locations across different districts in Hong Kong. The protagonist praised the apps, highlighting various useful features. For more details, refer to the accompanying images.

However, when the aforementioned apps were tested, “Toilet Buddy” could be installed and used smoothly whil “Toilet Rush” was either not found or had been removed.

Regarding the poster’s claim about the difficulty of finding restrooms in Hong Kong, public opinions were divided. Some expressed agreement, stating, “Many require a card or a key, even at my workplace” and “A few years ago, when I went to Central, my husband needed to use the restroom. We searched for quite a while until a kind passerby pointed us in the right direction. We even had to ask an old man for a key to enter. It’s still fresh in my memory.” However, others believed that finding restrooms in Hong Kong is not challenging, saying, “I always find restrooms easily in Hong Kong. I feel like there are plenty of public toilets here” and “Did I visit a fake Hong Kong before? There are restrooms everywhere, even in shopping malls and dining places!”

Meanwhile,some helpful netizens offered several tips for finding restrooms in Hong Kong, which can be summarised as follows:

  1. Borrow restrooms from large chain fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC.
  2. Some restrooms in Hong Kong parks do not have time limits.
  3. Sports arenas in Hong Kong usually have restrooms available for public use.
  4. Most MTR stations currently have public restrooms.
  5. While some shopping malls have restrooms, they may not be available on every floor, and some may be locked.
  6. Avoid trying to find restrooms near Central on holidays when domestic helpers gather, as there’s a high chance of queues.
  7. Whenever you see a restroom, make use of it immediately.