Mainland Chinese tourist leaves Hong Kong within 3 hours, citing 3 major drawbacks


9th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A mainland Chinese woman shared her travel experience in Hong Kong on Xiaohongshu, highlighting three significant drawbacks that led her to leave the city within just three hours. The post titled “I Might Be the Fastest to Escape Hong Kong” sparked extensive discussions among internet users.

According to the woman’s account, she arrived in Hong Kong with high hopes for an enjoyable trip. However, after a brief three-hour stay, she concluded that the city had several major flaws. She specifically mentioned three points of dissatisfaction: the city being “a bit cramped,” describing it as “a little rundown and outdated,” and expressing discomfort due to excessively cold air conditioning. She sarcastically remarked, “Do they provide free air conditioning here? It was freezing, and I felt goosebumps the whole time.”

While the post gained attention and sparked various opinions, some agreed that Hong Kong’s allure has diminished, leading even local residents to choose to travel elsewhere for leisure. They emphasised that if locals are opting to leave, it’s not surprising that visitors from mainland China share similar sentiments. However, others questioned the validity of the woman’s claims, suggesting that her negative experience might be attributed to budget constraints commonly associated with “budget travel.” They argued that opting for cheaper accommodations might result in a less favourable experience, but it is unfair to generalise based on a mere three-hour visit. Some commenters pointed out that every place has its own charm, including both new and old elements, and it is unnecessary to focus solely on the negatives. They also mentioned that the behaviour of salespeople in Hong Kong could be a valid concern.