Mainland Chinese sing national anthem and display national flags at concourse of IFC Mall before locals take over to sing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’


12th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 1pm today, hundreds of mainland Chinese sang the Chinese national anthem at the main concourse of IFC mall. Many Chinese national flags were displayed including one giant one hung from the 1st floor.

Security guards arrived to maintain order.
Mainland Chinese displayed Chinese flags and sang National anthem at IFC mall concourse.

A few even asked shoppers to sing the national anthem. At around 1.45pm, today, many supporters who were present earlier at the high court to show support for the young woman who ruptured her eye came to IFC and sang ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ together with office staff. They also shouted a few slogans while many shops suspended business operations.

Local Hong Kongers took over the concourse to sing Glory to Hong Kong.