Mainland Chinese man takes on extreme budget travel in Hong Kong, challenges with HK$100, ends up in controversial Mong Kok nightclub visit


22nd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In an unusual travel experiment, a mainland Chinese man embarked on his first trip to Hong Kong, attempting to undertake an extreme budget travel experience with just HK$100. After exchanging his money into Hong Kong dollars, he managed to survive on a daily budget of only HK$101.5.

When he was left with only HK$46.5, he daringly ventured into a nightclub in Mong Kok, pushing his “extreme budget travel” to the limit, sparking heated discussions among netizens.

The mainland Chinese man titled his experience on Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) as “First time in Hong Kong, bravely entering a nightclub with only 100 yuan, I went all out!” and shared his peculiar journey during his visit to Hong Kong in mid-June of this year.

Despite having only HKD 101.5, he managed to explore Wong Tai Sin, Mong Kok, and Sham Shui Po on the same day.

Apart from the nightclub, he also attempted to buy “King of Fruits” durians, visited Wong Tai Sin Temple to draw fortune sticks, and even explored the idea of renting an apartment. The following is a firsthand account of his experiences captured on camera:

The mainland Chinese man documented his first visit to Hong Kong, which took place in mid-June of this year. His journey began in Mong Kok, where he witnessed the bustling Nathan Road, expressing his awe at Hong Kong’s prosperity.

He took out his 100 yuan and declared that he would challenge an “extreme budget” travel experience, surviving with only a hundred yuan. He exchanged his money at a currency exchange shop, receiving HK$101.5 for his 100 yuan.

He started exploring the surroundings, initially planning to buy fruits but was surprised to find that they were quite expensive, with the cheapest fruit costing HK$20 per serving. He then considered buying a bottle of water but hesitated when he saw that a convenience store charged HKD 11 for a single bottle.

The event sparked discussions among many mainland Chinese netizens. One commented, “It’s my first time knowing how expensive nightclubs in Hong Kong are.” Another remarked, “Compared to the mainland, nightclubs in Hong Kong are relatively cheaper.” Some praised his determination, saying, “Are you the one who escaped from death?” while others questioned the feasibility of his budget, saying, “Did you not spend money on the MTR?” and “You didn’t factor in MTR expenses.”

While the mainland Chinese man’s “extreme budget travel” experiment garnered attention, it also raised questions about the practicality of such an endeavour. Regardless, his journey serves as a unique perspective on exploring Hong Kong on a tight budget, shedding light on the city’s cost of living and the challenges faced by budget travellers.