Mainland Chinese man arrested in connection with HK$400,000 robbery at a hotel in Cotai


3rd December 2023 – (Macao) An alleged robbery took place at a hotel in the Cotai area of Macao, where an individual reported being robbed of HKD 400,000. Local law enforcement received the report yesterday (2nd) in the evening at around 6.30pm. Shortly thereafter, authorities apprehended a male suspect near the Friendship Square on the Friendship Bridge Road, seizing HK$160,000 in cash and items believed to be related to the crime.

According to the victim, HK$400,000 was taken from them before the perpetrator fled in a taxi. Law enforcement intercepted the taxi and arrested the suspected robber, who, however, denies any involvement in the robbery. The suspect, identified as Mr. Liu, in his 30s, holds a Chinese passport, and is preliminarily accused of robbery, causing injury, and unlawful confinement. The investigation into the case is still ongoing.