Mainland actress Fan Bingbing’s natural appearance caught by fans during Thailand trip


    14th April 2024 – (Bangkok) Fan Bingbing, an actress from mainland China, recently attended the Songkran Festival in Thailand. However, instead of leaving immediately after the event, she decided to explore the local attractions. Yesterday (13th), a netizen encountered Fan Bingbing in a local clothing store and shared unfiltered and unedited footage of her casual shopping trip online, revealing her true appearance. As soon as Fan Bingbing entered the store, she attracted a large crowd who eagerly surrounded her to take pictures. Throughout the encounter, Fan Bingbing displayed exceptional courtesy, nodding and acknowledging her fans, leaving a positive impression of her friendly nature. Consequently, numerous netizens praised her enduring beauty in the comments section.

    However, some netizens shifted their attention to Fan Bingbing’s hair. On that particular day, she had let her hair down, exposing her high hairline. Additionally, her hair ends appeared slightly dry, leading many online users to express their disappointment, claiming that her hairstyle detracted from her overall appearance.