Main water pumps in the coolant system at Taishan Nuclear Power Station malfunctions

Taishan Nuclear Power Station

23rd February 2021 – (Taishan)    The Nuclear Emergency Committee Office of Guangdong Province notified the Security Bureau today of an operational event at Taishan Nuclear Power Station (TNPS), a Security Bureau spokesperson said today.

 On 21st February, a fault in the distribution board caused one of the main water pumps in the coolant system at Unit 1 of TNPS to stop working. The Unit’s protection system immediately responded by safely and automatically shutting down the reactor.  Station staff immediately handled the fault according to the procedures, and reported the situation to the relevant nuclear safety regulatory authority in a timely manner. The Unit remained in a safe and controllable condition throughout the above event.

 In accordance with the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale and the relevant nuclear safety regulations, this event was classified as a Level 0 deviation on 22nd February and did not affect the safe operation of the Unit, the health of the workers, the nearby public or the environment.

 Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co Ltd has released the details of this event on its website ( (Chinese only), which can be viewed in the “operational events” section under the “nuclear and radiation safety information” page of the website.