Macao govt requires all residents to undergo 3 consecutive days of RAT till Friday


30th November 2022 – (Macao) Recently, there have been a number of imported COVID-19 cases in Macao. The local Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre  announced today (30th) that all residents in Macao will need to take a rapid antigen test every day for 3 consecutive days from today to Friday (2nd December) , and declare the rapid antigen test (RAT) results through the “Macao Health Code”. Those who are under 3 years old or who have been tested on the same day are exempt. If residents fail to report the RAT results by the specified date, their “Macao Health Code” will turn into Amber.

In addition, Maca has added 2 more confirmed imported COVID-19 cases. The patients are a 69-year-old local retired man and his 68-year-old wife who live with him. They live in a building at 2 Tv. de Tomas Vieira, Macao. This building has been listed as a red code area. The male patient began to feel tired this Monday (28th) afternoon, and he took a RAT by himself, and the result was negative at that time.

He felt tired yesterday and continued to cough in the afternoon, so he took a RAT again, and the virus was detected. He was then sent to the special emergency department of the Hospital Centre S. Januario for testing, and the result confirmed that he was infected. As for the wife, she was listed as a core close contact for medical observation. She also tested positive via the nucleic acid test today. Since the female patient has long-term illnesses and her husband is mainly responsible for her daily needs, she denied that she had been out recently. The authorities believe that the risk of community transmission of the case is low. According to the preliminary epidemiological investigation, the male patient went to Tong Kei Restaurant at G/F, 397 Estr. Marginal da Ilha Verde, Ilha Verde for dinner last Saturday (26th) and this Monday from about 7am to 8am.