Macao and Zhuhai to suspend schools tomorrow due to rainstorms


10th May 2022 – (Macao) A trough of low pressure will linger over the coast of southern China in the middle and latter parts of this week. There will be continuous heavy showers and squally thunderstorms over the region for a few days. A surge of the northeast monsoon is expected to reach the coast of Guangdong on Sunday. It will be windy with temperatures falling progressively over the region. With the trough of low pressure departing the coastal areas, showers will lessen gradually early to midweek next week.

Hong Kong Observatory announced that there will be showers in the following few days. Showers will be heavy at times with squally thunderstorms.

Meanwhile, the Macao government announced in the evening that there may be rainstorms in Macao and surrounding areas tomorrow, so classes at all levels of non-tertiary education will be suspended throughout the day, that is, students in primary, secondary schools and kindergartens will not be required to attend classes tomorrow. In addition, Zhuhai also announced that tomorrow, the city’s primary and secondary schools, kindergartens will be closed for one day.

The Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau stated that, according to the forecast, there will be long-lasting and intense rainfall tomorrow in Macao and the surrounding areas, and there will even be heavy rains, which may have a major impact on the safety of students.