Lung Mun cafe ‘withdraws’ from yellow economic circle after passing of the National Security Law


30th June 2020 – (Hong Kong) Lung Mun Cafe, the famous pro-democracy eatery with 7 branches which was part of the ‘yellow’ economic circle announced on their Facebook page two hours ago that they have decided to withdraw from the ‘yellow’ economic circle after the National Security Law for Hong Kong was passed today.

The owner, Cheung said that that the cafe has been supporting protesters in the past one year. In October 2019, Lung Mun Cafe on Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom was vandalised by 4 masked men at around 5am before it opened its doors. The glass panels were shattered and the interior of the eatery was ransacked. The cash register display and two computers were also damaged. The owner refused to call the police as he emphasised that he did not trust the police. He said that ‘If the police want to investigate my case, they should perhaps start with the 21st July incident!’

The owner claimed that their outlets have been attacked by many other ‘yellow eateries’ and he faced many public rebuttals. After a careful consideration, he decided to withdraw from the yellow circle and he will continue to fight for equalities in the society. The group will continue to serve and support Hongkongers and contribute to the community.