Lung Mun Cafe in Sha Tin owes rent and arrears amounting to HK$230,000


14th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) Lung Mun Cafe, the famous pro-democracy eatery with 7 branches which was part of the ‘yellow’ economic circle announced on their Facebook page in June 2020 that they decided to withdraw from the ‘yellow’ economic circle after the National Security Law for Hong Kong was passed.

Its branch at Garden Rivera in Sha Tin was accused of arrears in rent since last month, and other miscellaneous expenses involved more than HK$230,000. The owner of the shop filed a lawsuit in the Court of First Instance of the High Court yesterday (13th) to recover the arrears from the owner of Lung Mun Cafe, Cheung, who was responsible for signing the lease, and demanded that Cheung return vacant possession of the shop.

The plaintiff is ABLE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED, which is the owner of two shops on the ground floor of Garden Rivera in Sha Tin. The plaintiff stated in the court documents that in March last year, he signed a three-year lease with the defendant and leased the shop to the defendant to operate the restaurant at a monthly rent of HK$180,000.

The defendant was also responsible for paying the rates and rent. However, the defendant has still not paid the rent of HK$180,000 for December last year. In addition, since July last year, the defendant has owed rates and government rent for two quarters, totaling more than HK$51,000. After the plaintiff issued a lawyer’s letter and failed to recover the arrears, the plaintiff decided to sue the defendant in court, requesting the court to order the defendant to pay the aforesaid arrears, to return the shop, and to compensate the plaintiff for the rent loss due to the breach of contract.