Lunar New Year Eve witnesses exceeding 190 million passenger trips throughout China

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10th February 2024 – (Beijing) On the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, official statistics revealed that China’s transportation sectors handled a staggering 195.24 million passenger trips, marking a significant increase of 26.7 per cent compared to the same day of the previous year.

Among the total number of trips, highway traffic accounted for 184.62 million, demonstrating a notable 24.2 per cent year-on-year growth. These figures were reported by a special work team established in January to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Spring Festival travel rush.

Railway traffic experienced a remarkable surge of 98.8 per cent, with 8.257 million trips recorded. Air travel witnessed a substantial increase of 137.7 per cent, reaching 1.797 million trips, while water transportation observed a growth of 11.9 per cent, with 566,000 passenger trips.

The Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most significant festival in China. This year, it fell on February 10th. The travel rush, which typically involves a high demand for transportation as individuals return home for family reunions, spans from January 26th to March 5th.

The substantial increase in transportation activity during the Lunar New Year Eve reflects the significance of this traditional festival, as millions of Chinese citizens embark on journeys to celebrate with their families. The surge in highway traffic indicates that a large portion of the population chose road travel as their preferred mode of transportation.

The substantial rise in railway traffic, with a staggering 98.8 per cent increase, showcases the popularity of train travel during this festive period. Many individuals opt for trains due to their convenience, comfort, and ability to accommodate a significant number of passengers.

The surge in air travel, which experienced a remarkable growth rate of 137.7 per cent, highlights the increasing preference for air transportation among the Chinese population. This could be attributed to factors such as improved accessibility, affordability, and the desire for quicker travel times, especially for those travelling longer distances.

Water transportation, although witnessing a comparatively modest growth rate of 11.9 per cent, remains a significant mode of travel for certain regions or individuals who find it more convenient or cost-effective.

The Spring Festival travel rush spans several weeks, allowing individuals ample time to plan their journeys and ensure they can participate in the celebrations with their loved ones. The festival holds immense cultural importance, emphasizing the value of family and reunion, making it a cherished time for millions of Chinese citizens.

As the Lunar New Year celebrations continue, transportation sectors across China will remain under pressure to ensure the smooth and safe operation of passenger travel. Authorities will continue to monitor and manage the increased demand, implementing measures to guarantee the well-being and satisfaction of travellers.