Lukewarm response from protesters to re-occupy the airport today, only hundreds are seen at Arrival Hall, Terminal 1 (Updated 2.15pm)


13th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After 10,000 protesters turned up to cripple the Hong Kong International Airport yesterday, organisers have again called upon fellow protesters to re-occupy the airport today.

Only hundreds of protesters were seen at around 1pm today as many had yet to turn up as expected. Meanwhile, the organiser conducted an anonymous poll on Telegram app at 1.26pm to call upon more protesters to join in the protest.

The anonymous poll consisted of 4 options : A) We will be a joke if we don’t have enough support today, B) I am on the way to airport, C) Have you all forgotten the female protester who ruptured her eye? I am coming now D) Car drivers are on the way the airport.

Anonymous poll conducted by organiser on TELEGRAM at 1.26pm today.

The organiser conducts regular anonymous polls to keep track of total number of protesters that will turn up during each session. The total number of protesters was significantly less as compared to yesterday. This latest poll was only seen by 5,922 protesters and voted by 1,906 of them at 1.45pm. The momentum has significantly waned at press time. At 1.56pm, the organiser conducted a new poll to call upon protesters to turn up at airport after work.

New anonymous post to ask if protesters would turn up after work at airport at 1.56pm.

Nevertheless, the organiser continued to call upon protesters across multiple social media platforms to re-occupy the airport today. If they fail to hit the 10,000 mark, their efforts would be unlikely to cause significant impact on the airport operations today.

Flights departing and leaving at 1pm today continued to normalise.
85% flights were fully normalised at 2pm.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that Cathay Pacific has informed their ground staff to leave at 2pm today. Flights departing and leaving at 1pm continued to normalise. At 2pm, 85% flights were seen on schedule.

At 1.59pm today, MTR announced that the airport express service would maintain a service interval of 12 minutes due to request from Airport Authority and the Government. Crowd control measures have been implemented.

Hundreds of protesters continued to occupy the Arrival Hall at 12.45pm today.
Protesters queued near Starbucks while some of them slept on the floor at 1pm today. Picture credit : Julie Yim
Passengers continued to turn up at the airport to take their flights today at 2pm.
Several media reporters were seen at Arrival Hall B at 2pm.
Passengers continued to check in at Cathay Pacific Counter C at 2.15pm.
Several police officers were seen at the restricted area at 2.09pm today.
Police officers spotted at restricted zone after immigration checkpoint at 2.10pm.