Lufthansa halts flights to Tehran and steers clear of Iranian airspace as tensions in the Middle East escalate


13th April 2024 – (Frankfurt) Lufthansa, the German airline, announced on Friday that it would extend the suspension of its flights to and from Tehran, Iran, due to the heightened tensions in the region. As a result, Lufthansa planes will no longer traverse Iranian airspace. The decision was mirrored by its subsidiary, Austrian Airlines.

The flights to the Iranian capital have been on hold since Apr 6, but Lufthansa did not provide specific details regarding the immediate causes for the extension of the suspension. Austrian Airlines, however, mentioned “the current situation in the Middle East” as the reason behind their decision.

Both airlines emphasized the paramount importance they place on passenger and crew safety. They are closely monitoring the developments in the Middle East and maintaining regular communication with relevant authorities to ensure an accurate assessment of the situation.

The move follows recent tensions between Iran and Israel, with Iran accusing Israel of launching a strike in Syria that resulted in the deaths of two Iranian generals. In response, Iran has issued threats of retaliation. Israel, in turn, has escalated its targeting of Iran-linked targets in Syria since the conflict in the Gaza Strip intensified in October.