Lucky Kittens takes Hong Kong by storm


    17th December 2021 – (Hong Kong) You may have noticed billboards in Central or Causeway Bay posted with pixelated cats and wondered how and why they got there. Lucky Kittens, the newest NFT craze, is the talk of town after they sold out 5888 of these cartoon cats over the course of four days, with each sale growing progressively bigger ending with their final sale of nearly 5000 selling out in under one minute on Sunday night. For comparison, the most mainstream NFTs on the market right now, Bored Ape Yacht Club (or BAYC) took nearly 12 hours to sell out their collection of 10,000.

    How did they do it? By building up an almost cultlike following on discord, an app which resembles whatsapp but every user’s profile picture is a different NFT, and the most commonly used phrases are gm (short for good morning) and wagmiaow (a catlike play on wagmi, which stands for we’re all going to make it.)

    DIMSUM Daily: What are Lucky Kittens, and what was the creative and brainstorming process that led you to create this project?

    Lucky Kittens Team: Lucky Kittens is a project that is inspired by Maneki-Nekos, the Japanese lucky cat. These cats can be found in shops, restaurants, and businesses all around the world, and represent good fortune and success.

    DIMSUM Daily: What’s your experience with NFTs?

    Lucky Kittens Team: Our team has been involved in the crypto world since as early as 2014. We were a bit later to NFTs, but have been all in since we started. We have been buying and researching NFTs for over a year now and realised that many projects were copying each other and were not doing anything original, so we decided to launch our own project to satisfy an audience with similar needs as our own.

    DIMSUM Daily: How did the team get together?

    Lucky Kittens Team: We are a team of close friends who have backgrounds in traditional finance, development, and art. Many of us used to work together, but more importantly we all share a passion for crypto and art.

    DIMSUM Daily: How did you design 5888 Kittens in such a short time? Is there some sort of automation that was done or was each one designed by hand?

    Lucky Kittens Team: With the help of a freelance artist, we designed a set of attributes (fur colours, head accessories, clothing, etc.) which were then randomised by an algorithm to create our full collection. A few select pieces were hand picked and designed by team.

    DIMSUM Daily: Why 5888?

    Lucky Kittens Team: Our vision was initially to have 8888 Kittens, but the general feedback from our community was that we wanted a smaller collection. We settled on 5888 as our final number because we think it would be enough supply to satisfy demand with room for growth while not being too exclusive of a community.

    DIMSUM Daily: What was the timeline for designing this project? How long did it take from when you had the idea to when you finished the last Kitten?

    Lucky Kittens Team: From conception to design, execution, and final launch the project to date has taken just over three months.

    DIMSUM Daily: What are the plans for the Kitten Klubs?

    Lucky Kittens Team: Kitten Klubs are our name for the physical meetups we will plan around the world, starting with pop-ups in Hong Kong. We’re currently planning a pop up museum in Hong Kong that displays NFTs for the public to learn more about NFTs and their applications, with an exclusive section for Lucky Kitten holders. Keep your eyes out for more news to come!

    DIMSUM Daily: Do you have plans to further expand the Lucky Kittens brand beyond just NFTs?

    Lucky Kittens Team: Yes we do. We believe that Lucky Kittens has the universal appeal to be the NFT project to truly cross over to mainstream culture. We will be not only be heavily involved in expanding our digital platforms in the Metaverse but also creating an ecosystem involving a potential token with utility and rewards for our holders. We want to introduce the general public to the world of crypto, Defi, Web3, and the Solana blockchain while working on the real world application of smart contracts and NFTs such as the Lucky Kittens collection. In terms of the real world, we will also be prioritising reaching the general public and building a brand in the traditional sense through marketing and physical products, but always bridging a connection between the physical and virtual world.  We have big plans, stay tuned!

    Lucky Kittens Billboard spotted in LKF, Central