Louisa Mak stuns in a captivating red dress, sparks social media frenzy with non-stop wedding photos

    Louisa MAk

    11th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Former Miss Hong Kong, Louisa Mak, and her pilot husband Keith Shing celebrated their marriage in style with three extravagant wedding banquets at the end of March. The celebrations took place at various venues, ranging from a village setting to a yacht club and a beautiful outdoor grassland. After a brief period of rest, Louisa Mak couldn’t resist flooding social media with stunning wedding photos, prompting netizens to inquire if she was planning to continue the photo spree until Christmas.

    Mak, and her husband Keith Shing, spared no expense in creating a series of grand and distinctive wedding celebrations. The radiant bride showcased multiple wedding gowns and evening dresses throughout the festivities. Louisa took to social media to share her favourite ensemble, a stunning red dress with a captivating strapless design that accentuated her flawless, fair legs, revealing a glimpse of her thighs.

    Netizens couldn’t help but express their amazement at Louisa’s extravagant display, with some jokingly commenting, “Is she planning to continue until Christmas?” Louisa, displaying a high level of emotional intelligence, responded with a playful tone, stating, “I can’t help it! I have many friends and sponsors to thank. I think I’ll continue posting for another week! Bear with me.”