Louis Vuitton crafts bespoke trunks for Olympic and Paralympic flames in landmark LVMH sponsorship


27th March 2024 – (Paris) The iconic flames of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be housed in custom-crafted trunks by Louis Vuitton this summer. The storied Parisian fashion house, under the aegis of the LVMH group, secured this prestigious role through a sponsorship arrangement valued at 150 million euros.

The bespoke trunks, designed to cradle the medals as well as the flames, were revealed on Wednesday at the brand’s atelier located in the outskirts of Paris. These trunks are not only functional but also transform into elaborate display cases with multiple drawers, each capable of presenting three medals, a testament to the brand’s blend of craftsmanship and innovation.

Louis Vuitton’s association with world-class sporting events is not a novel venture. Since their first foray into trophy trunk creation in 1988, they have adeptly linked their name to the grandeur of international sports. This was evident in the previous year’s Rugby World Cup hosted in France, where the brand significantly boosted its visibility.

The partnership with the Paris Olympics extends beyond the flame and medal trunks. Several LVMH brands are playing prominent roles in the upcoming Games. For instance, Chaumet, the Place Vendome jeweller, has been entrusted with the design of the medals, and Berluti, the esteemed menswear brand, is set to outfit the French teams with their uniforms.

The Olympic Games, set to commence on 26th July, and the Paralympics, starting 28th August, will be spectacles of global resonance, with opening ceremonies projected to captivate millions of viewers worldwide. The involvement of Louis Vuitton and LVMH brands is expected to add a dimension of haute couture to the spirit and celebration of international athletic excellence.