Louis Koo’s ingenious method delights netizens as he guides young actor into character

    Louis Koo

    11th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s renowned actor, Louis Koo, celebrates his 30th year in the industry. Known for his amiable and compassionate nature, Koo has quietly extended his support to numerous individuals both in front of and behind the camera, earning him a well-deserved adoration. Despite being single and without a family of his own, Koo’s exceptional skills in handling children have come to light.

    Recently, a video shared by netizens on social media showcased a behind-the-scenes moment from the filming of the movie “G Storm 5,” featuring Louis Koo, Dada Chan, and a young male actor. The caption read, “Louis Koo’s remarkable technique on set effortlessly immerses young actors in their roles.” In the clip, Dada Chan engaged in a scene with the young actor, while Koo stood by, assisting the young talent in getting into character. Koo initiated the process by presenting a toy figurine and playfully warned the young actor, saying, “If you don’t listen, I’ll…” He then swiftly twisted and shook the toy figurine, causing it to appear disapproving. Subsequently, as the young actor delivered his lines, Koo devised a clever method to maintain the child’s focus by suggesting, “Look at the toy and speak.” This simple yet effective approach ensured that the young actor stayed engaged and successfully completed the scene. Netizens showered praise on Koo’s ingenuity, fondly referring to him as a “master of handling children.”

    Louis Koo (right), Dada Chan (centre), and a young male actor (left).