Louis Koo earns praise for astute observation on Messi’s no-show during appearance as guest at Ronald Cheng’s concert

    Insert picture: Louis Koo

    24th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Lionel Messi’s anticipated performance in a friendly match between Hong Kong’s local team and Inter Miami in Hong Kong Stadium on February 4th ended in a public furore. The Argentine star’s absence from the pitch caused a wave of discontent among fans, who had eagerly awaited his appearance.

    The exhibition match, touted as a high-profile sporting spectacle, ended with fans voicing their displeasure through a chorus of boos, feeling deceived as Messi remained seated throughout the match. The incident has since been fervently debated online, with some netizens branding it as a “scam of the century”.

    Adding insult to injury, Messi later participated in a friendly match in Japan with Inter Miami against Vissel Kobe, where he played energetically for over 30 minutes in the second half – a stark contrast to his earlier withdrawal, purportedly due to muscle inflammation. This swift recovery and subsequent play in Japan only three days later have deepened the sense of betrayal felt by his Hong Kong supporters.

    To add a cultural twist to the drama, Hong Kong actor Louis Koo, while appearing as a guest at Ronald Cheng’s concert, made a pointed reference to Messi’s non-appearance, earning praise from the online community for his astute observation.