Lotmee customer complains about half-filled ramen bowl priced at HK$118


26th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A female customer of Lotmee, a newly-open ramen restaurant at Exit D, MTR Kwai Fong Station recently posted about an unpleasant experience on the LIKHG online forum. The customer ordered a bowl of ramen priced at HK$118 but she alleged that she was only served half a bowl of ramen with soup. She expressed disappointment and shock, stating that she paid $118 for half a bowl of ramen. She also accused that the shop might have done this to save costs.

Lotmee Ramen

The post quickly gained traction on the forum, with netizens weighing in on the issue. Some criticised the appearance of the ramen, describing it as “ugly and tasteless”. Others were not surprised, claiming that eating ramen in Hong Kong is often expensive and not worth the price. They suggested that the best way to enjoy ramen is to travel to Japan, where it is more affordable.

However, some customers who had tried the ramen at Lotmee defended the shop, saying that the post on LIKHG was misleading. They pointed out that the appearance of the ramen may be deceiving, and that the serving size was actually generous, with toppings such as slow-cooked pork, duck breast, and chicken. They praised the quality of the ramen and the appropriate portion size, which did not leave them feeling overly full.