Lost iPhone 15 Pro Max in Hokkaido traced to Lohas Park, unexpected twist as owner appeals for return

File photo.

20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong woman who lost her iPhone 15 Pro Max during a trip to Hokkaido, Japan, discovered the device’s location upon returning to Hong Kong. Through Apple’s Find My iPhone feature, she pinpointed the missing phone to an unexpected place—Phase 9A of Lohas Park. Eager to retrieve her valuable device, she took to Facebook on the 18th of February, urging the person in possession of her phone to return it: “I only wish to get my phone back.” The community in Lohas Park rallied behind her, sharing her post and offering support. The question remained: How would this situation unfold?

Taking to Facebook on the same day, a woman named Miss Ho addressed the mother residing in Block 3A of Phase 9A in Lohas Park: “On the 14th of February 2024, at 12.10pm, you stole my iPhone 15 Pro Max from a shop inside the Shiroi Koibito Park  in Hokkaido, Japan. The entire incident was captured on the store’s surveillance cameras, and your electronic payment was also recorded. I only want to retrieve my phone. Please contact me as soon as possible.” Netizens commented that although GPS tracking was available, the range was too vast to determine the exact location. They also expressed doubts about the Hong Kong police’s ability to assist in foreign cases. Some appealed to the person in possession of the phone, emphasising the sentimental value of the travel photos and the importance of returning the device promptly. They warned that the suspect’s appearance had been captured on CCTV and noted that she had been seen with a child, criticising her for involving a minor in illegal activities. Others cautioned that Japan’s immigration authorities also had records of tourists’ appearances, cautioning against jeopardising future visits to the country due to momentary greed.

Subsequently, various groups in Lohas Park shared the information, hoping that the individual who had the phone in their possession would exhibit goodwill and return it. On the 19th of February, the woman updated her Facebook post, expressing gratitude for the kind-hearted individuals who shared her plea: “Thank you all for your enthusiastic support. I never imagined that a lost phone in Hokkaido would be found in Hong Kong. I am grateful to the diligent worker who came across the phone and proactively reached out to me after seeing the post in the group.” It turned out that a Facebook user with a profile picture of a hydrangea, a symbol of thoughtfulness in Japan, had messaged her. The user explained that their foreign domestic helper had found the phone in a park in Phase 7 of Lohas Park and would personally return it to its rightful owner by driving to their location. Whether the initial suspect had a change of heart, fearing the consequences of their actions and discarding the phone, or whether another explanation lay behind the turn of events, it remains a hopeful conclusion that lost items can find their way back to their owners.