Looking for a place to move in HK? Avoid areas with police stations as 5 of them have already been under siege since June 19


31st July 2019 – (Hong Kong) If you’re looking at a property that’s near a police station, you may think you are in a safe neighbourhood. And chances are that you are in a safe place.

However, crime statistics around a police station are higher. Because of the larger concentration of police officers coming and going, more traffic stops happen here, more crimes are detected, and more arrests are made. People also come to the police station to report a crime or to turn themselves in, all adding to the “crime stats” of the area. To make matter worse, the continuous ‘siege’ of police stations by protesters have made the neighbourhood untenable for residents. They would suffer acute inconvenience as protesters continue to challenge the police force as a result of their alleged selective prosecutions. The increasingly biased attitude demonstrated by civilians towards police have made living in the neighbourhood a bad choice for would be residents.

There are a total of 50 district police stations with 10 located on Hong Kong Island and 13 located in Kowloon area. (Click HERE For full list). Since the anti-extradition protest started in June 2019, a total of 5 police stations have been under ‘siege’ by protesters. If the protesters’ demands continue to be unmet, more district police stations could suffer the same fate as recent cases have been triggered by assault and attack near Lennon Wall Message Wall. Lennon Wall is now almost a ‘landmark’ in every district in Hong Kong from Tai Po to Tin Shui Wai.

The hatred and hostility towards police have spread to districts all over Hong Kong from Wan Chai Police Station which was besieged twice to Yuen Long Police Station/Tin Shui Wai Station on 21st July 2019. More recently, Sheung Wan Police Station during the Central/Sheung Wan rally was also surrounded by protesters on 28th July 2019 while Yuen Long Police Station/Tin Shui Wai Station closed their doors on 21st July 2019 during the Yuen Long attack after being surrounded by protesters.

Meanwhile, Kwai Chung police station was also surrounded by close to 1,000 protesters yesterday with one police brandishing a pump action shotgun at them after being assaulted. At around 11.45pm yesterday, civilians gathered in front of Tin Shui Wai Station to show solidarity support and to demand the release of the three young men. The station immediately closed its doors to prevent protesters from going in.

If you are considering to move in the short term, try to avoid finding an apartment near a police station.