Local Youtuber ‘PlasticGuys’ creates parody music video to mock MIRROR’s Keung To over his bodyweight


    1st February 2023 – (Hong Kong) Popular boyband MIRROR’s key member Keung To’s dismay performance at this year’s “The Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2022″ has aroused many discussions among netizens. Many polarised comments were found online on his performance on YouTube Channel, the number of DISLIKEs far exceeded that of LIKEs. Many criticised him for not singing as well as before and Keung To also stunned fans with his obese body after recovering from a recent injury. His song “Mirror in Mirror” was selected as one of the Top 10 songs during the awards ceremony.

    Due to his recent injury, he rarely appeared on stage and he was overwhelmed during a stage performance. To the surprise of many, he knelt down and shouted excitedly. A large number of audience members mocked him for the embarrassing act.

    Keung To performed on stage.

    A few days ago, a local YouTuber known as Plastic Guys changed the lyrics of “Mirror in Mirror” and also specially shot a parody music video to imitate To’s performance during the awards ceremony,. The Youtuber wore a white jacket similar to Keung To’s outfit during the stage performance but there was a a picture of McDonald’s French Fries on his pocket and a Jollibee logo on his sleeve. He then sang the with a fried chicken instead of a microphone and the lyrics was changed to all kinds of fast food and dessert in an attempt to tease Keung To of his latest body weight.