Local singer Joey Wong makes a HK$9.5 million investment as a first-time homeowner in Jardine’s Lookout

    Tai Hang Terrace. Insert picture: Joey Wong

    21st February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Joey Wong, known by her stage name JW, continues to thrive in both her career and love life. Despite her boyfriend Tarzan Ip and his parents facing bankruptcy last year, it hasn’t dampened her financial success. Earlier this year, JW ventured into the business world as a co-owner of a themed tea shop specialising in Thai coconut desserts and beverages. Now, there’s news of her making a significant investment in the property market by becoming a homeowner in the prestigious Jardine’s Lookout area of Hong Kong.

    According to recent reports, JW has acquired a residence at Tai Hang Terrace on Chun Fai Road for a staggering amount of HK$9.5 million. The unit spans approximately 567 square feet and features a two-bedroom layout. The transaction took place just before the Lunar New Year, with the price per square foot amounting to HK$16,755. Land registry records confirm that the registered buyer for the property is none other than Joey Wong herself.

    One notable aspect of JW’s property purchase is her eligibility for the first-time buyer’s stamp duty relief scheme, which allows first-time homeowners to enjoy reduced stamp duty fees. As a result, JW only had to pay HK$320,000 in stamp duty, significantly less than what would typically be required for a property of this value. This privilege is granted to individuals who meet the criteria set by the Hong Kong government, and JW’s status as a first-time buyer qualified her for this beneficial scheme.