Local singer Hubert Wu apologises to fans as Customs discover a hundred of heated tobacco products in his luggage upon returning to HK

    Hubert Wu

    17th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Hubert Wu, was recently caught in a controversy involving the smuggling of over a hundred heated tobacco products into Hong Kong. The incident occurred when he returned from a trip to mainland China after attending an event. Customs officials discovered the contraband in his luggage at the Kowloon High-Speed Rail Station. Hubert, who appeared at an event in Wan Chai today, dressed in red and white attire, took the opportunity to address the issue during an interview.

    Hubert expressed his sincere apologies to everyone, stating, “First and foremost, I want to sincerely apologise to each and every one of you. It is indeed a grave mistake on my part, and I deeply disappoint my friends, colleagues, and all my fans. I want to say sorry to all of you!”

    He acknowledged the importance of learning from this incident and treating all matters with greater seriousness. He added, “I will ensure that I do not make any more mistakes. For now, that’s all I can say.” When asked about his current state of mind, he expressed disappointment in himself, saying, “Of course, I am deeply disappointed in myself. Making such a mistake has caused a great deal of pain to those who care about me. It’s the most unhappy thing for me.”

    Regarding whether he felt let down by friends who might have requested him to purchase heated tobacco products, Hubert responded, “Ultimately, the greatest responsibility lies with myself.” When questioned about his experiences with bringing gifts back to Hong Kong, he shared, “I often work in mainland China, and if there are times when I can help, I will do my best. But in this matter, the greatest responsibility rests with me.” Reflecting on the incident, he emphasised the need to familiarise himself with all relevant laws, stating, “After this incident, I will make sure to understand what can and cannot be brought, to ensure my compliance with all regulations.”

    When asked if his friend had apologised to him, he took full responsibility, saying, “I believe the biggest mistake was mine.” Regarding the receipt of relevant writ of summons, he replied, “I haven’t received anything yet; I’m still waiting.”

    Hubert revealed that his company had discussed the incident with him, acknowledging his significant error and his willingness to bear the consequences resulting from this incident. He expressed his heartfelt sentiment, stating, “I believe the disappointment from everyone is already the most significant punishment, and I am severely disappointed with myself.” When asked if he felt his friends had implicated him, he asserted, “Ultimately, the greatest responsibility lies with myself.” Regarding legal assistance, he stated, “The matter is being handled by my company.” On the question of whether his work would be affected, he said, “I will have to wait for the arrangements made by the company. I personally hope to take this time to reflect.”

    Hubert emphasised that he had learned a valuable lesson from this incident, vowing to approach all future events with greater seriousness. As for his future career development, he mentioned ongoing activities and the filming of a drama series. When questioned about the possibility of being replaced, he expressed his willingness to accept responsibility, stating, “If that were to happen, I would be willing to bear it. I will not make such mistakes again.” Asked if he would consider participating in anti-smoking advertisements to “cleanse” his image, he responded, “I am open to any positive opportunities that allow me to contribute to society.”