Local man faces rejection and discrimination from residents of Tierra Verde and Lohas Park in Tsing Yi, social class divide exposed

Tierra Verde

24th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong man shared his unpleasant experience while visiting a friend in Tierra Verde, Tsing Yi’s prestigious residential development. He encountered disdainful treatment from a couple who resided on the same floor, avoiding any interaction and even waiting for the next elevator to avoid riding together. This incident is not an isolated case, as similar occurrences have been reported by others, shedding light on the sense of superiority among residents of Tierra Verde and Lohas Park.

The man, who posted his account on the “LIHKG Forum,” expressed his astonishment at the couple’s reaction, feeling as if he were being treated like a pariah. He attributed this behaviour to the residents of these “pseudo luxury” residential complexes considering themselves above others. Similarly, residents of Lohas Park’s “Tierra Verde” also exhibit a similar sense of superiority.

The incident sparked a wave of resonance among netizens, who shared their own experiences in these two housing estates. Many expressed frustration, stating, “Even though I live on a higher floor, I am treated poorly just because I am here for work. Why is that? Is your building more valuable than mine?”

Tierra Verde, located above the MTR Tsing Yi station, was completed in two phases, in 1999 and 2000 respectively. The first phase sold out on the opening day and attracted speculative activity. However, due to the age of the buildings, which are now 23 to 24 years old, their value has diminished compared to newer developments. The man criticised the residents’ self-righteousness, questioning why they seemed unwilling to share an elevator with him, given that “Tierra Verde is also situated on an island, Tsing Yi.”

Lohas Park’s “Tierra Verde” is not the only development facing such criticisms. Another residential complex, “Lohas Park,” located north of Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, above the MTR station and train depot, initially faced negative perceptions due to its location in a landfill area and the associated odour. The property prices were lower compared to other private estates in Tseung Kwan O. However, with the completion of new developments and infrastructure projects in the area, the complex gradually gained acceptance among middle-class families. Netizens analysed that the residents’ perceived superiority and “white pigeon-eyed” attitude stem from a combination of insecurity and a sense of self-importance, particularly among young couples striving to secure a property in the competitive market.

The revelations regarding social class divisions and discrimination within these residential estates have ignited discussions about the prevailing mindset in Hong Kong society. It highlights the need for greater empathy and understanding among residents, regardless of their housing location or socioeconomic background.