Local man complains on social media over half a portion of Peking duck with only six pieces of meat, but netizens reveal it may have been a HK$1 promotion


9th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A few days ago, a netizen posted pictures on an online forum claiming that they had ordered half a portion of Peking duck at a local chain restaurant, but were disappointed to receive only six pieces of meat and a pile of duck skin. The netizen criticised the restaurant for charging an exorbitant price for such a small portion of food. However, the netizen did not mention the price of the dish. Later, another netizen revealed that the dish was part of a $1 add-on promotion, and the tide of public opinion quickly turned.

The netizen posted two pictures on the online forum, one showing the menu item they ordered, “Evening Market Set (Sliced Garoupa + Half Peking Duck)”, which includes steamed garoupa fish, half a portion of Peking-style crispy skin roast duck, and a dish of sesame brittle. The second picture shows the half portion of roast duck, which consists of only six pieces of meat and a few slices of crispy skin placed on a pancake.

The netizen was outraged by the small portion of food and questioned the restaurant staff, who replied with a dismissive “This is how we serve it here.” The netizen then took to the online forum to vent their frustration, stating, “If I order half a portion of crispy skin roast duck and this is all you give me, what are you trying to do?” The netizen also criticised the restaurant for charging an unreasonable price for such a small amount of food and vowed not to return.

Other netizens who saw the post agreed that the portion of crispy skin roast duck was too small and made light-hearted jokes, calling it a “mosquito-sized duck” or “a duck that was born too small to live.” Some netizens speculated that the restaurant may have made a mistake and only provided half the usual portion, while others questioned the netizen’s claim that it was overpriced, pointing out that the netizen did not mention the price of the dish.

Eventually, others became curious and asked the netizen about the price of the dish, but the netizen remained tight-lipped. Without knowing the price, some netizens argued that if the dish was only a few dollars, it would be acceptable, while others believed that the price was irrelevant, as the restaurant should provide a reasonable portion of food regardless of the price.