Local Hong Kong singer mocked by Mainland netizens after wearing D&G clothes that insulted Chinese 3 years ago


    13th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) Karen Mok, a veteran Hong Kong actress and singer who is currently organising a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum caused public outrage when she wore Dolce & Gabbana collection from 3 years ago in the MV of her new song and social media. The collection was launched when the Italian brand allegedly provoked the Chinese with 3 racist videos. Karen then tried to remove the music video afterwards but netizens continued to scorn her for her insensitivity.

    Karen, a singer who has been in the entertainment business for 28 years is currently holding her first concert at at Hong Kong Coliseum after 16 years. She also announced that it will be the last large-scale concert.

    In mid-November 3 years ago, Dolce & Gabbana, the Italian luxury fashion brand, launched three short videos on the Chinese social media network Weibo to promote its upcoming Shanghai runway extravaganza, dubbed “The Great Show”. The videos feature an Asian woman in a lavish Dolce & Gabbana dress attempting to eat pizza, spaghetti and cannoli. With Chinese folk music playing in the background, a Mandarin-speaking voiceover kicks in: “Welcome to the first episode of ‘Eating with Chopsticks’ by Dolce & Gabbana” — pronounced incorrectly on purpose in a way that mocks Chinese speech. The male voice proceeds to mansplain how to “properly” eat the dishes. “Is it too big for you?” mocks the voiceover when the woman doesn’t know what to do with the gigantic cannoli. “Let’s use these small stick-like things to eat our great pizza margherita,” he instructs in another video. “That’s explicit racism,” one person commented on Weibo. “D&G’s stereotyping China. [The videos] only show the brand’s outdated view about China.”